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3 years ago

Worst Upload Speeds of any provider

How is it that Cox charges the most for the Gig speeds and has the slowest up / down speeds in comparison.

Cox says 940 down and 35 up  all for the  price of $120 + extra for unlimited data and panoramic wifi

ATT says 940 down and 880 up for $60

Google 1 gig has 940 down 940 up with whole home wifi and no data caps for $70

Google 2 Gig says 2 gig down and 1 gig up with Wi-Fi 6 multi-gig router and
tri-band Mesh Extender included also no data caps included for $100

Xfinity offers 1.2gig but says 940 down and 35 up for $100

Verizon Fios says 940 down and 880 up for $75

When is cox going to start offering better uploads speeds like their competitors or if you are unable to provide the same service as your competitors then you should lower you service cost to at least match the competition.

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