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5 years ago

Worst experiences ever

Over the last couple days I've spoken to agents online and on the phone, both were completely incompetent. I explained that I pay for gigablast but am only getting 110-140mbps and have already factory reset the modem, refreshed the signal, unplugged it, all the basics as I am in IT myself and more technical than
most Cox agents I've ever interacted with. They then wanted to reset it again and still no improvement. They proceeded to schedule a tech visit which turned out to be 3 techs from a subcontracted company I've never heard of and after 2 hours, a new modem, changing my wifi password, and unplugging my Ethernet switcher
had only managed to decrease my speeds further. They tried claiming that cox has never pushed 1000down and basically called me a liar when I mentioned I had when it was first installed. I finally showed them speedtest screenshots and all they did was start blaming my computer, ethernet cable, modem's placement,
anything they could think of. My computer is a top of the line beast by the way so that was out of the question. They finally left with no clear answer or explanation so since then I've tried calling in for the last 2 hours and either get transferred, hung up on, or they lie and say they can't hear me. When I do get someone who actually talks, all they do is read from a script and ignore anything I say. I say the modem is brand new and the techs just left yet they want to start the whole rigmarole of resetting and refreshing the signal. I tell them the light is steady white and am immediately asked to let them know when the lights stop flashing...I tell them techs were just here and replaced the modem and the reply is "I'll send a tech out but if it's due to damage you caused the modem you will pay $75" Each agent (5+) I've spoken to would not discuss any credits to my bill or reimbursement for receiving a fraction of the speed I pay for. Finally I ask for a manager and am transferred to be greeted by a machine saying you're closed. This has by far been the worst customer experience I've ever encountered.

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    I've done some research and multipleeee people are reporting this same issue.  The ridiculously slow speeds, the timeframe things went from 1000down to low 100's, the dumb as rocks tech support agents, the wiring replacements and modem swaps, all of which end with the customer giving up the fight due to exhaustion.  How is this any way to treat your customers Cox?!?

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      Hi Jphelps23, we are extremely sorry to learn of these ongoing issues, and we want to help resolve them in any way we can. Additionally, here is a link with additional information on ways to achieve Gigablast speeds:

      Please feel free to reach out to us at -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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        I've also asked to be contacted by a manager multiple times and no one will help with that either, literally the best attempt anyone made was just transferring me to the sales department, Cox is an absolute joke

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    Send an email to and include a link to this forum page.  You should get a better level of service.