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4 years ago

Worst customer service portal ever.

Finally located the customer service phone number (which I had to go outside the Cox website to find) and the automated phone service does not "hear" the tone when I type in my selection, eventually hanging up on me because it doesn't understand my response. It also has such an obsolete interface, it doesn't have a voice option.

I gave up on that, thinking I'd just try chat. The customer service page which tells me I can use chat to communicate with a real person doesn't provide a link to such chat.

Once I found an actual link to the chat function on the forum page, it led back to the useless customer service page with no link to chat. The communicated message is very clear. It doesn't matter how many times your customer service page brags about your customer service, I am personally experience a negative balance of customer service. I need to talk to someone about my bill and I am effectively locked out. So, if someone knows how to get through to CS, I'd be happy to be enlightened.

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