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26 days ago

Worst customer service ever

I'm on to you Cox. You can sign up for service without speaking to anyone, but to cancel you need to speak to an actual person.

Well I've been waiting almost 30 minutes to be connected to someone to cancel my service and am still waiting. You cannot tell me that your people are that busy to start the cancellation process.

This just confirms why I will never use your company again.

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    Well, I feel you. I am currently still on hold for a conversation in which I asked for a supervisor 5 minutes into the discussion. So, 36 minutes on hold!!!! This place has screwed me since day 1. I was told I was locked into a 12 month contract at 50 dollars a month and now they are saying it was only for the first month. WHY WOULD I AGREE TO THAT? I TOLD YOU THAT I HAD AN ACCOUNT WITH CENTURY LINK FOR 49.99 BUT SINCE COX HAD ALREADY PUT THE REUTER IN THE APARTMENT I MOVED INTO - I AGREED ONLY IF IT WERE MATCHED. THEY SAID SURE - NOW THEY WANT 300+  DOLLARS FOR AN APARTMENT THAT I left already. These guys are scumbags. I want and I will get my money back.

  • If you can, switch to quantum fiber. They offer the same internet speeds but an unlimited gig/Mbps plan instead of the large fee Cox charges you.