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2 years ago

Work VPN and Modem firewall

I was recently informed by my company, that the VPN client being used from home was not working properly with my Panoramic Modem / Router. I am able to connect. I have no loss in speed. Everything has been working fine for a year now. All of a sudden the monitoring software being used by my company is not allowing them to view my screen. I was told the software used for monitoring may be being blocked by my modems or  my ISP's  firewall. Is this possible? I was under the impression a VPN just created an encrypted connection. 

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      BTW see here on how to access the modem/gateway UI. From there, click on Firewall on the left.

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    A VPN is in fact an encrypted connection between 2 points. If you are connected to their system via VPN, then they SHOULD be able to see yours. If Cox's firewall was preventing them from seeing your connection, you wouldn't be connected, because the information has to have 2 way communication. Try turning off the pano modem advanced security function, but I don't think that's it.