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5 years ago

Will Cox remove a tree falling onto thier cable line?

After a recent wind storm a large tree behind my house, in the utility right-of-way, is now falling onto the suspended cable line. I'm concerned that due to the amount of rain we've had softening the ground this tree will fall completely and separate the cable line from the utility pole. Since this tree is in the utility right of way is this an issue that Cox will address?

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    is a power line around it?  power company might be a better option

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      Already tried that route. They are only concerned with the top energized line which ends at a utility pole to the right of where ther tree is coming down so it's only affecting the cable. 

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    Sounds like a safety hazard.  Put your tax dollars to work and call the city to coordinate.

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    Hello Mike,

    The purpose of the Cox Internet Forum is to allow customers to discuss technical topics related to residential Cox Cable, Telephone, and High-Speed Internet services with other customers. This appears as if you may need someone to look into your account personally. We would definitely be able to assist you with this. Please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email us at Provide us the name on the account with the complete service address with a link to this thread so we can get started.

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      If the tree separates the line, he is definitely going to have technical issues.