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5 years ago

WiFi loses connection

Last Wednesday I had to set up new service at my home. For the first two days I had no service, which they claimed was a outage in the area issue, but then they wanted me to pay to have someone to see if the hookup was ok. I know the cable setup (or whatever it is considered) is ok because the prior person who lives with me had service up until the day I turned mine on. I finally was able to get service working when I got the text that the outage was over. Now for the past four days the WiFi works fine during the day, but it shuts off overnight (amber light turns on the panoramic). Every morning I have to unplug the power cord for 30 seconds and plug back in. My assumption was there was no WiFi during this time since my phone would show LTE. Here the kicker, I just had the Ring rehooked up and decides to view the video to see when the cameras went off line. They never did. So the cameras kept WiFi, but the router went amber and couldn’t be located at my app to reset and my phone went to LTE and no game systems work. Any thoughts?