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12 months ago

Wifi app access not supported error

I've had internet since late 2022 and every time I go to the cox wifi app it says access not supported. I've contacted cox via chat and they were all useless. Anyone know? 

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    If you are using the Cox pano modem, call cox, ask to be escalated to CAG, then ask cag to reprovision your modem. 

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    If you are trying to connect to the Cox PUBLIC wifi, and if you have the lowest tier which Cox no longer offers (Internet Starter 25) then you don't get access to their public wifi and you would need to spend $5 more dollars to get the next higher tier which does include Cox public wifi access.

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    I'm checking right now using my Samsung S22 and home wifi and the app opens just fine. As WMO asked, what device are you using, and where are you testing from?