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Wifi 2.4ghz Channel Selection Removed from both the Cox Wifi App and from the Panoramic gateway portal?

I have a roommate who uses AT&T internet, and I have Cox 150mbps with the 1st Gen gray panoramic. I remember being able to adjust the channel, as sometimes when in the auto mode it would choose the same channel as his router, and setting it on a less polluted channel band would increase performance. Lately, the internet has been substantially slower, particularly on the 2.4ghz band, and so after doing a wifi analyzer app check, I see ours are overlapping again despite my not making any changes. I saw in the app that this functionality was removed, and even logging into the portal, it simply has that option grayed out and refers me to the there something I'm missing, or did Cox remove functionality from their gateway, yet keep the price the same? Because if I am not able to control it, I can only assume that I will have to get my own modem and router so I have the ability to change these simple settings. Is there a way to change it? And if not, why would Cox remove this feature from the app? Thanks for any insight, or suggestions.

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