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2 years ago

Wi-Fi can't be activated

I have a CGM4140COM modem... Ethernet works great, but all the sudden my SSID is gone and I can't set up a new wireless connection. Chat agents on Cox have offered nothing but asking me to reboot the modem. I've done everything, including a factory reset. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like when I log in to the modem. If I create a new wireless connections and save changes it doesn't actually create one and stays as pictured with the edit button greyed out. So frustrating! Any ideas!

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    Can you manually enter the SSID and key?

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    The wifi looks disabled. If there is no option to enable the radio perhaps it got damaged. I would suggest swapping the modem out at a Cox store. Perhaps while you are there you can upgrade it to the new Wifi 6E model.