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Why will my Cox email not download to my android browser, chrome. I have no problems with downloading on my PC.

Not able to access cox email on my android phone. I am using Chrome as my browser. I was able to access my cox mail on my phone until a month ago. Now when I attempt to log into my account it never loads just acts like it is loading. 

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    Probably something to do with the new webmail UI. Try viewing the site in desktop mode by clicking on the little dots on the top right and then checking the box for "Desktop Site". This will make the site harder to see but will show you everything as if you were viewing on a desktop monitor. If this doesn't work, you can always configure a email client with IMAP/SMTP.

    If all else fails, send a email to Cox at with your account info and your problem. If nothing else they should be made aware that the new UI is causing problems.

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    Webmail was constantly loading for me as well, but I just happened to stumble across a workaround.  I first log into the Forum and then click my bookmarked

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    Try shifting Chrome to "Desktop Site". OOOPS, What ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ He said.