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5 years ago

Why the inordinate amount of spam emails lately?

For a while, Cox was getting better with eliminating spam advertising emails.  Now it is WORSE THAN EVER.  If I get one more email for Crepe Erase, Andersen Windows, or printer ink, I may just shut down my account.  I’ve even set up filters to send some of these to my junk box, including one specifically for Crepe Erase,  but they still somehow find their way into my inbox.  The email filters are about as effective as Nomorobo is as stopping scam calls: 90% of them still get through.  Just beyond frustrating when a product or method to stop this garbage doesn’t work as advertised.

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    there seems to be a bunch coming over the last few days that are being picked up by outlook but i'm also finding several that are being caught in webmail, so i'm checking/deleting it every day.....some aren't junk mail!!