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4 years ago

Why schedule an outage on a Monday from 5am - 6pm when schools and parents all have to "work from home"? VERY poor technical project management by Cox!!

I work in IT and know very well to schedule outages of my customers when the impact is the least. Obviously, emergencies happen, but when you "Plan" an outage for a future date - that is NOT an emergency!

I received a notice on my front door that the internet will be offline on Monday - and it highlighted BOTH  5am-noon and noon-6pm.    WTF?!?!?!  Why isn't this outage schedule after hours or on the weekend?

Kids cannot connect to their Zoom classes for school. Work-from-home parents CAN'T work from home.   Seriously - WTF!

VERY poor technical project management by Cox!! 


One pissed off customer who has already dropped all services from this crappy company except internet. Perhaps it is time to get a new internet provider who puts Customer First!

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  • Our outage had both morning and afternoon checked also.  In reality though the internet was down for about an hour in the morning and about 30 minutes in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, you don't know when the downtime will fall, so it definitely does not make it easy to tell work/school when you will be online.

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    Maybe Cox techs have better unions than IT techs and Cox has more of a monopoly than IT companies? Cox schedules outages during the day because that's when their workers are willing to do the job and because they know no one is really going to cancel service since there's no other alternative.

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    I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Our normal maintenance window is between midnight and 6 AM.

    Jonathan J
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    At least you received a notice.  We had a 4-hour doozy yesterday with no TV, Internet or phone.  The TV just went black and then both modems went into meltdown mode.

    I'm curious what happened.  The weather was fine and I didn't notice any multi-car pileups, infernos or Cox trucks in the neighborhood.  The Cox page just read, "We've detected an outage in your area and are working to...blah, blah, blah."

    It's a vulnerability of "bundled" services:  don't put all your communications eggs in 1 basket.