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11 months ago

Why Not Exterior Mounted ONT

After reviewing the Cox site for Gigablast installation, I decided my best type of Optical Network Terminal (ONT) installation would be the following when considering existing wiring and power options at my home.

Page Connecting a Router to an ONT (

Exterior wall:
The ONT is placed in a weather-proof box, and then mounted to an outside wall on the exterior of the home. Do not attempt to open this box.

On the date of installation, the tech arrived and wanted to install my ONT inside my house, which would place it in my bathroom closet.  I said nope, and told him I wanted an exterior wall mounted ONT, near to my cat 5e cables and power.  That seemed perfect for me, rather than inside a bathroom closet with no power.

But, for some reason, Cox simply cancelled my work order without explanation.  Why does Cox list exterior wall mounting as an option, but doesn't actually do an exterior wall mounted ONT???

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    Because even in a weather proof box, it's subject to heat/cold, humidity, etc etc. It is much better for ALL concerned to have the ONT inside the home. 

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      Other providers mount exterior ONTs from the same vendor in similar climates - Louisiana versus Florida.

      And, if you're not going to install them, TAKE THEM OFF OF YOUR WEBSITE.

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        This particular link seems to be a user reference for connecting/troubleshooting and not so much a current list of install options.  The listed configurations are probably included for the benefit of those that may have such a configuration installed even if it is not necessarily offered anymore.

  • Can't say with any certainty but it's entirely possible the exterior solution has been phased out for cost purposes.