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5 years ago

Why is my internet ALWAYS going out?

  1. I switched over to cox frfrom on century link because they didnt offer internet speeds that were high enough for me, but ever since i switch to cox my internet goes out at least once a day and it usually will last about 30 minutes on a good day. On bad days itll go out multiple times and will last anywhere from an hour to a few hours. What am i paying 150 dollars a month for if the internet goes out EVERY DAY. Im not trying to be rude but im paying good money for my internet to work, and so far everyone ive talked to hasnt been able to give me a straight answer. One lady who was very nice and gave me a 50 dollar credit on my bill for the amount of outages ive had in the past but literally the next day i got a text update saying there was another outage and it would be fixed later that night, and i kept getting updates pushing back the deadline until eventually a week went by and still pushing back the deadline, still having issues. Please, PLEASE someone tell me what is going on. Fix it or reduce how much my bill is, to me thats only fair.

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  • Hi Bnmuffin42, I appreciate your frustration with intermittent connectivity issues. Our techs are working to pinpoint a noise issue in your neighborhood. I’m sorry this has had such an impact on your services! We’re happy to provide credit for each day your services are impacted until the noise issue has been resolved. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      how can we see which neighborhoods(s) are having this issue . . . again