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3 years ago

Why is it that Cox can only get Upload speeds to 35 ?

I was wondering what is the limiting factor on the upload speeds of 35 at Cox ? Everyone around me with 1gig service from 2 other companies have the same upload as download . I am not bitching just want to know.


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    Hi @Glenee
    I can fully relate to needing to find out about parallel upload speeds. Because of how internet signals are delivered to homes, the only customers that can have parallel upload speeds are customers that have Fiber optical networks as their transport methods (Fiber customers can get Internet Ultimate 500Mbps/500Mbps & Internet Gigablast 1 Gbps/1Gbps). -Ben

    Ben S.
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      Thanks Ben,

      So if I understand you correctly it is the coaxial cable that hold you back on Upload.

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        The bandwidth...not speed...doesn't depend on the medium (copper, glass, air) but instead the technology.  In this case, the technology is DOCSIS.  DOCSIS has the capacity of 10 Gbps down and 2 Gbps up.

        If there is any "hold back," it would be the old neighborhood nodes and pedestals in our neighborhoods because these are half-duplex technology as opposed to full-duplex on backbone circuits.