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2 years ago

Why does the typing area in email roll down where you cannot see anything when making corrections? This is extremely irritating.

When typing an email and a correction or deletion is required the typing area rolls down out of sight making it impossible to see what you are doing. Only if you click on the typing window does the data come back up into view but as soon as you begin the deletion or correction it rolls back down out of sight again. This is extremely annoying!

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  • Hey, GZ. I'm really sorry for the difficulty with the new webmail interface and I want to help. As you type, you should have a scroll bar to the right that will allow you to click on it and drag it up and down to maneuver through the new message. If I misunderstand the issue, I apologize. Please let me know where I have missed it and I am glad to help. - ChrisJ - Cox Support Forums Moderator