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9 months ago

Why do you need charge customer 100 USD ?

I applied for Cox internet and activated on 10/2 today, but I can't actually connect to WIFI, I did a basic check with customer service but they can't solve my problem. They offered to have an engineer come to the site to fix the problem, but I need to pay 100 USD. I don't think it's reasonable to charge me 100 USD? I think it is not reasonable to charge me 100USD because this is the first time I applied for the service and it is not working. It is their responsibility to help me to solve the problem. I don't understand why there is a charge?

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  • Hello, I do understand where you are coming from. If I had to pay a fee when starting a service, it would be surprising to me as well. Now I must inform you that there is a fee when it comes to scheduling techs of $100. This is because the visit is going from a self-install (which is free) to a pro install (which is not free). As well as you are in a 30 day time period from when the account became active or new services were added. The connection at the home falls on the account holder. Cox is not responsible if connection is coming into your home. Cox has no way of knowing if the lines to your home are active damaged or functioning. We can only perform troubleshooting and if that does not work we need to schedule a tech to get connection to your home. If you have further questions or would need help setting up a tech visit, please email us at your full name and complete address. Thank you for your time and for choosing Cox support. 

  • The same thing happened to me when I signed up August of this year. Paid, went and got the equipment, and it would not connect, probably because it is an older building. Contacted tech and it was never able to connect then either and so was told to get a technician to come in and was informed to use the public wifi/hotspot in the meantime. It was working great until yesterday morning :( Now I have to actually get a technician to come out and I know it's gonna cost me a ton, specially being a grad student on a budget. Wishing you luck!! 

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      Hello Siljamhilton, 

      I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your service. I know how important having a reliable connection is as I depend on my connection for work and online classes. If you have had service with us for over 30 days, the charge is not automatic to send a technician out. Any issues outside of your home or with Cox equipment are our responsibility and will not result in a charge for a service call. If the issue is found to be non-Cox caused a service call fee of $75 may apply.  Most service calls are covered if you are subscribed to Cox Complete Care. For more information, please visit us at Only the technician can determine if a fee is waived due to an issue caused by Cox equipment or signal delivery. If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at

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