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7 months ago

Why do replies get turned off?

I'm curious why replies get turned off for certain posts?  I think it would be better to just delete the posts rather than turning off the replies to them.  We also should be able to delete our own posts.

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Replies have been turned off for this discussion
  • Hello DRVEGAS, 

    Replied get turned off when a post is outside of the Forum guidelines or is not something that the community can answer and it would be better for the poster to reach out to Cox directly for assistance. Each one of the communities has a sticky post at the top with the guidelines and the purpose of the forum community. Sticky just means that it will always appear at the top. It may also be known as a pinned post for a featured post. For example, here is the sticky post that you will find at the top of the Internet Community. We work hard to stay transparent, so we would not want to delete or hide the posts unless they are offensive or considered harassing. I hope this helps explain why some posts are locked and no replies are permitted. 


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      I think some posts get locked too soon. Here is one example. I think basic troubleshooting could have helped but the moderator locked the thread, asking them to contact Cox. It almost seems like Cox locks posts that embarrass them.

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        Hello WiderMouthOpen, 

        I agree that in the example that you provided, we could have left it open for troubleshooting. I also see the other viewpoint that the OP had not provided any details about the service issue or requested assistance from the community to help resolve it. We appreciate your feedback and the forum community for their willingness to help other customers and forum members with technical issues. We do want to offer the community as much chance to help each other as possible. Again, thank you for bringing this example to our attention.