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6 years ago

Why do internet filters not work?????

I have created several spam filter rules for my inbox.  However lately, it seems that they no longer block a specific phrase that I blocked.  I have blocked the phrases “Cannabis Oil” and CBD in the from, subject, and body of the message because of the incessant (4-5 times a day) spam messages.  Lately, the spam filter has failed to pick it up.  It seems the subject is printed in a smaller, all caps font which your spam filter does not pick up on and it still comes through into my inbox.  Furthermore, one of the message circumvented a 2nd spam filter to block all messages that contain a specific physical address in Valley Cottage, NY within the body of the message.  Not only is the amount of spam (at least 25 messages per day) received frustrating, but it is even more frustrating that an attempt to divert these messages to spam doesn’t work either.  

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    I feel your same frustration. Saturday I received in an 8 hour period 40 plus and that doesn't include the ones that actually got blocked with the Spam filters and rules created. It's never ending and getting worse. Can't figure out with all the complaining why COX does not do something.

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    This is ridiculous that Cox wants THE CUSTOMER to create these filters for the massive spam they pass on. Here is the address of one of the many spam e mails i receive daily.>
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      Hi there, on the spam emails you receive, you may select the unsubscribe button usually located at the bottom of the page to stop receiving the emails. You should allow up to 10 days for the request to be processed and activated. -Thanks, Carol
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        So you really think any of these links in these spam emails, including the unsubscribe link, are safe to click?  I trust 2 week old gas station sushi more than I trust clicking any link.   And then they’ll just come from some other 50 character address and the cycle continues.  Something has to be improved on the mail server to block these.

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    The most annoying spam (Candy.., Simplisafe) need to filtered at the Cox email server level. Both the sender name and email address of the sender are changed in every email. They are spoofing their address and changing names and subjects to evade user filtering. Filtering needs to be done at the system level, looking at the actual domain(s) that are the source. However since the company that Cox outsourced their email system to doesn't seem to do system level filtering, we users are stuck with a spammed system, and perhaps the slowest email system that exists today.

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    Why can't Cox block these emails from EVER reaching our inbox OR spam mail? Cox servers are receiving MILLIONS of spam containing certain key words in the from and/or subject lines: CBD, KETO, CONCEALED CARRY, CANNABIS, MED, PHARM[use regex for anything after PHARM], MCDONALD'S GIFT, AMAZON GIFT, etc. 

    There is some major group of spammers using affiliate marketing partners and making millions of dollars by Cox allowing their spam to get through to us! 

    Cox - where are you for your customers! This is basic spam filtering - when I tried to forward to cox spam report, you recognized it was spam and would not allow it to go OUT, so why can't you stop it from coming IN? Why do thousands upon thousands of your customers have to set up the same individual filters over and over, when you know this is spam and could easily block it at the server level. Why do we have to set up our own filters for flagrant violaters that are sending millions upon millions of spam emails!