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4 years ago

Why do I have to log in twice to email?

For the past week, the email log in menu makes me input my user name and password twice to access my email. After I enter them the first time and click "Sign In," the entries just blank out and I have to enter them a second time. Anyone else having this issue?

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      I go to This happens on both one laptop using Edge and another laptop using Chrome.

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        2 different devices with 2 different browsers leads me to believe it's an authentication glitch on the Cox server.

        Does the URL change (redirect) between your login attempts?

        Is your link to webmail bookmarked?  If so, is it bookmarked as a previous log-in session or as you notated it above?

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      I have mine bookmarked, but have also tried going directly to the cox website. It doesn't matter.