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Why did my request for a speed test on Cox redirected to a third party named Ookla ?

My request for a speed test to be preformed on my modem was redirected to a company called Ookla. Who asked for permissions to access certain details. I was then given a choice of a free subscription or a $2,000 a year premium subscription....The application form also required the name of my company ! I don't have a damned company so I was unable to complete the request. What goes on here, are the legit or what ?

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    I'd be leery of one entity promising something and to also be the same entity "proving" you're getting the something.  Make sense?  If Cox promises 300 Mbps, for example, why allow Cox to verify you're getting the 300 Mbps?  I'd use a 3rd-party...and 4th, 5th, prove the promise.

    Overall, no speedtest site should be as invasive as Ookla appears to be.  It's just a speedtest...not a commitment.  Perhaps it's just the link you're using.  Can you use