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3 years ago

Why did it take an FCC and FTC complaint to address network issues?

Lets be honest, Cox has been bamboozling its customers for years.... Here's how to get them to take responsibility and maintain the utility provide.

The constant interruptions and hiccups in the modem don't stop. You call tech support, and it gets brushed off as "Too many people getting home from work" and the technicians they have for support have NO knowledge of the tech they're supposedly troubleshooting. If you're lucky, they'll reboot the modem,

There's something called "Packet Loss"  -     when one or more transmitted data packets fail to arrive at their destination. Effectively, If I send you a story that is 100 pages long, and the mailman only delivers 80 of those... How could you have the full story? 

The continued packet loss and connection issues Ive been having for 6 months cant be resolved because the technicians are either WILLFULLY refusing to acknowledge this, or INTENTIONALL  trained to avoid anything that would point to a net work issue,

I have my 6th technician scheduled to my home July 5...  Everything from my PC, to The modem, To the house wiring was blamed for the issues.   

Then I learned how to run ping tests and trace routes.... Both tests Cox technicians avoided  running because the results would prove the issue is on their end... Both are simple command that can track How much and more importantly WHERE your packets are getting dropped. Multiple tests point to a specific node in the Southwestern Infrastructure. [ .]

I'm curious why I need my day interrupted for the 6th time,  and Why multiple friends in Arizona are experiencing the same dropped packets.. at the same node in California...? If this problem is somehow on my end... Why do Arizona and Nevada customers have the same issue with the Los Angeles node?

So, 6 months of the blaming the consumer, it took ME discovering a basic test to prove the technicians were lying and avoid utility maintenance.  The Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission both have website that allow you submit complaints for fraud and bad business. A utility knowing providing sub par service is doing both.

You can google the steps to run a PINGTEST and a TRACERT. I'm sure you'll see huge packet loss as well as drops that occur WELL outside of your homes range of responsibility. Screen shot these, and submit the complaint forms. 

Sudden GASP, SHOCK, After submitting these forms, Executive Escalations gave me a call, Theyll look into the construction of the network

Don't let the tech lie and get away with knowingly providing sub standard service. Cox doesn't want to pay to maintain its lines and its borderline criminal.

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