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2 years ago

Who in Cox is Trained to Discuss SB8200 (Arris Surfboard) Modem Event Logs

My newly installed SB8200 modem repeatedly shows this pair or Event Log Messages:

SW Download INIT - Via NMS

SW Upgrade Failed after download - Incompatible SW file

and have not been able to find anyone who explains what they mean.

I have already gone in circles with Arris (all the way to Corporate level) and Cox trying to get an answer what these mean.

I am confident in the Arris answer that the Event Log messages all originate from Cox (as an ISP diagnostic tool) and they cannot answer what they mean (although Arris did supply the baseline firmware that Cox pushes to the modem once it is on line).

As one of my 10 interactions with Cox tech support, I worked with one Level 1 technician who said she saw a problem with speed setting in provisioning which she fixed.  After her forced remote reboot, the old sets of these messages disappeared (just disappeared, did not roll off the bottom) and normal log messages were added at the top.

I thought the problem was solved until 30 minutes later they reappeared twice.

I worked my way up to a Cox 'Customer Advocacy Group Tier 2 Supervisor' who said that Cox technical support training does NOT include anything about modem Event Logs.  He said could call back 50 times in hopes of being connected to a tech who personally, from prior background, might know about Event Log entries.

I have to believe that someone at Cox in Internet Network Operations knows how to interpret modem Event Log entries.

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