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8 months ago

where do I find router's Log in Credentials COX panoramic

I have this Panoramic wifi  router pn: CGM4141COX, So I am trying or wanting to, change it from 5ghz to 2.4ghz. I have these instructions but when i go to login I am wrong. Where can i find my Gateway Login and Password? 

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  • Hello, You can find the default password on the modem itself.

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    Thank you,

    Yea not the one I'm guessing because it does not work, say incorrect user. 

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      Hello. In that case, I recommend using our Panoramic wifi app to access the wifi functions of the device. 

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    Try a factory reset by holding the reset button down below the coaxial connection for 10 seconds. That will reset it to what is written on the unit.