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What? Service?

Cox should use the funds they allocate for Call Center personnel to repair and update their equipment to prevent the problems customers are having to report.

The Call Center is a Delay and Defend Center, reiterating a "canned" message. No one has, nor will put me in contact with repair personnel locally.

Our issue is that hard driving rain is able to get into Cox Equipment and shorts out the system. Having lived in this home for nearly 30 years, and having to endure the routine of "call in problem, technician dispatched to the house to check our equipment, technician reports customer equipment not the problem, wait for another crew to be dispatched to check Cox equipment, a week or two later service is restored until the next driving rain event, nothing has changed and don't expect it to. 

I should get a credit of $75.00 when the issue is not my equipment but theirs. That's the amount they charge when it's your equipment and not theirs. As a matter of fact every customer affected by this repetitive issue should automatically receive the same credit. Cox would then step it up to repair their equipment when it starts to cost them. 

Now that's what service means.

Disgusted, going on 2 weeks of extreme pix-elating during prime time to no service with no more than "We have an outage in your area and expect to have your service restored by....


I am in a rural area, know where the equipment is located and can see it from my house. 


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    Bayou P 75,

    That is a lot to endure on a recurring basis at that. Please send the full address and link to this forum by email to our address. We'd like to make sure the proper work is scheduled for you in a timely manner.

    Erica W.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator