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5 years ago

What is this data **

I just got cox cable recently... when getting the internet 150 mpg and paying 75.00 ish a month. I thought that was flat rate but I guess data is in the mix now and overage... sounds like an old school cell phone plan to me. Since when do we pay for data when your only using WiFi. I’m not using cable or phone just WiFi. So I’m upset because my 75 bill is now going to be more than expected.  And then I go to the dam “support” team  just so they can up sells the add on’s. Who pays 150.00 for JUST internet. It’s stupid. I’d probably feel a little more calm if the “support” team was ever personable but they are not. Just completely scripted. Doesn’t matter how many phone calls I’ve had. Cox cable... FYI we want people to really be nice and talk to us like they understand and recommend best fits for us clients who are upset with your service. 

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    are you paying $75 or $150?

    you pay for data/cable, whether a fixed amount of data + overages, or one of the many unlimited plans.