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3 years ago

What is the new network update change all about ?

I keep getting these emails and notices about a new updated Cox network to be installed in my neighborhood. What are they going to do ? Is it truly a upgrade to help with the upload speeds ?

They are going to be hanging door notices 2 days before starting on mine, and my service will be down for 4 hours or longer. I am in Norman, Ok. Anyone else getting this type of notice and know what it is going to help us with ? I have 1 gig speed. The only thing I can think of is upload help.



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    If you've noticed any digging alongside the main thoroughfare in your area within the past few years, it was probably fiber getting laid (tee hee).  What you may be seeing now is fiber from the thoroughfare connecting to your neighborhood nodes.

    It wouldn't be difficult for a mod to research your zip for details know...initiative and all.