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4 years ago

What is the NCTA that COX tech Support is Posting then Closing Threads

You might of seen this link or similar link posted in your packet loss threads that are now locked:

The NCTA is one of the largest lobbyist groups for corporations like Cox, ATT&T, etc to push pro legislation in favor of those companies and often against consumer protection such as net neutrality which NCTA spent 14 million dollars to fight and let die. Net neutrality prevented companies like Cox from throttling internet to certain sites, charging more for certain content you accesses on their network, and provided a wide array of consumer protection. They are also the organization that lobbied for prevention of legislation that would prevent service providers like cox from raising your bill every six months without warning or explanation. 

This is not intended to answer anyone's bandwidth issues or overloaded nodes, its simply an informational post so when you see cox moderators close a thread with a link to the NCTA, its not a government organization or consumer protection organization. Its the lobbying arm for broad band providers in Washington DC to pass pro corporation support legislation in the best interest of broad band provider companies. You can determine for yourself if you think what they support is for the consumer or for the corporations. Just google NCTA to find more information on what they actually supported and did not support in congress and the senate over the years. 

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