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Weekly outages in Vegas

Our community in Las Vegas (89166) has been experiencing excessive outages.  It’s been discussed as customers jump to other providers.  I’ve been logging outages and have recorded them in recent months:

Sept 15-21 /Offline 115.8h

Sept 8-14 /Offline 39.14h

Sept 1-7 / Offline 81.14h

Aug 25-31 / Offline 43.18h

Aug 18-24 / Offline 44.18h

Aug 11-17 / Offline 32.42h

Aug 4-10 / Offline 52.92h

After Sept 21st, the outages are less than an hour per week.  It appears something changed.  I’m not exactly impressed and don’t have time to call for every outage but is there no network monitoring for whole area outages?  I’m on my neighbourhood Facebook group and it’s the same thing week after week.  

I wasn’t able to find an SLA for residential service and these aren’t short downtimes.  They add up and many have been in prime viewing hours so I can’t stream or watch TV 

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    You can view outages and sign up to receive alerts on the Cox Connect app & If the issue returns please email my team your full-service address and name on the account to

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