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4 years ago

Website Problems Finding the Most Basic Information

For an internet company you need to understand what is needed as a bare minimum to help your customers, under the contact tab you need to provide, at the very minimum, an address, phone number and email contact address.

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    Looks like the first part of my post was cut-off.  I want to view the internet plans and cost differences but all I can find is this useless page that provides zero information:

    Just about every site in the country has been hacked at one time or another, why on earth are you using people's SSN for anything??  Cox needs to figure out another unique personnel identifier.

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    What makes a team member "dedicated?"  By answering a phone?  I called once to get rid of all Paks and was handed off 3 times.  Which one was dedicated...the one in the Philippines?

    What I don't like about comparing "my" offers is all offers are for more money...never less.  Do you wear "white gloves" to conceal your pulp hooks?