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5 years ago

Website not found - only on Cox

About 2 weeks ago, my business website was suddenly “not found” but only by anyone on Cox internet. The site is hosted by GoDaddy. After many days on the phone with both, going through all the finger pointing, Cox admitted it must be a problem on their end - although they have no idea how to fix it. The site is neither blacklisted or blocked by Cox. Since Cox has no idea how to fix it, and I continue to be shut down, we thought we’d try to outsmart this by having Godaddy refresh/renew the site’s IP address. This did nothing to solve the problem.  My next thought was to purchase a similar domain and redirect traffic to that new domain. This also won’t work since the original domain is unreachable in the first place (only by Cox customers) so we wouldn’t be able to forward to a new domain.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can bypass this so I can be up and running again??