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5 years ago

webmail server down?

any idea when my webmail might work properly again?  it was totally out all morning, now it loads, but with no text in the emails and i can't delete any.  they come back.

and i'm reading all kinds of messages about internet service going up??? my tv went up without notice this month.

my social security didn't!

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  • None of our e-mail accounts at our house in Springfield VA are working either.  Second time in the last few weeks.  All else is working, the Web, the phone, and TV.

  • We are aware of an issue impacting some customers from accessing email. We are working to restore service as soon as possible.

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      Hello BrianM and Cox Support

      I had these same webmail issues a few days ago.     When the issue was occurring I first checked Cox Connect to see if there were an "outages".    It did not show any.    I then contacted Cox Support and asked them to check and they said there were no email issues.       It seems obvious that there were many email issues based on the number of recent threads opened in this forum.     

      It also seems the Cox Connect doesn't display a message that there a NO Outages.   Is this true?   There are never any outages?     I don't know if there's actually no outages or else if the Cox Connect app just isn't working to display outage status.

      Could Cox improve on it's method of communicating outages to it's customers?     It would save us the consumer and Cox support a lot of time.    

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        Hi Steve_A, we value your feedback. The outage notifications in the Cox Connect App do not include known issues with our email system at this time. The outages in our Cox Connect App specifically refer to maintenance being performed in the area or known issues where some or all services such as Cable, Internet, Telephone, and Homelife are impacted. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator