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6 years ago

Webmail issues

I constantly have trouble logging into  I have to log into  If anybody else has this same problem, you might try what I just suggested.  It's so frustrating.  Cox doesn't really care.  I also have random dropping of internet connectivity which requires a full modem/router reset.  I hope that another provider with better service and equipment avails themselves to the Phoenix area in the future.  Centurylink wasn't any better.

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    The new interface is a complete joke. PLEASE give me the option to go back to the old, simple interface. It is obvious after months of pain that this new system does not work, and that COX does not seem to have the tech skills to make it work. We need the option to go back to the classic interface and just have a simple client to quickly access our mail on the web. This is one of the worst "upgrades" I have seen a company do. And it is like COX just ignores the fact that it doesn't work. Pitiful.

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      I get the sense that this amounts to the new normal and the job of "support" is to get us to resign ourselves to it.

  • Web mail performance remains atrocious and seems to have worsened over the past couple days.  Extreme delays logging in with occasional connection errors.  Ridiculous lags moving messages to trash (necessary for deletion) and the occasional new folder with the long random string of letters for a name when after a particularly long delay logging in.  Please proceed assuming that I've already cleared my cache and cookies and be honest that this is not going to be an easy fix.  Since the format change these issues have been an on again/off again thing

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      Hello Stinkfoot63, there was an outage today with latency on logins with email accounts which may also have explained the latency with the other functions as well. Apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. -Dan
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    I was told by a DirecTV tech who worked for Cox for 20 years that DirecTV is working on developing a 4G system that will work much like our cell phones that will enable us to dump Cox and any other ISP providers that don't make the grade.  Hope it's true and it happens soon.