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6 years ago

webmail is terrible

I am trying to clean up my emails. It is ludicrous. the guy who designed this should have his head on a pike GOT style. I take time to select emails at the end of my date list from the past. this takes a cumbersome impatient time. once I have that list in trash I try to empty my trash. nope not happening it only deletes what appears visually I assume. so chunk chunk bundle up trash but trash has to be deleted in painfully increments not acceptable. what do we pay you for? this is unacceptable from a internet service that has been around.

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  • Hi Protm. I can understand your frustration regarding how webmail works. Trash does delete every 30 days automatically. You will know when something is happening when you see the refresh arrows spinning in top right-side. Depending on how much trash you have, it may take a few minutes. You can also set it to permanently remove deleted emails, which will remove the emails you delete instead of sending them to the trash. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator