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3 years ago

Webmail filters

Can anyone explain what the webmail filter "Reject with reason" does. Rejected to where? What reason? Is there a list somewhere that explicitly explains any or preferably all of them?

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    I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble. That message doesn't ring a bell with me. Would you be able to send a screenshot of what you are seeing? Also, you may want to refer to this link for information on our email settings. .

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      No problems, but I should have said - "filter actions" as listed below.

      File into
      Copy into
      Redirect to
      Mark mail as
      Set color flag
      Reject with reason
      Add IMAP keyword
      Remove IMAP keyword

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        Thanks for the clarification. "Reject with reason" is an action you can assign to a filter. It lets you generate a "bounce" message to a particular sender that you don't want emails from. You can type a message that you want to appear in the "bounce" message in the empty box or you can leave it blank to send a generic bounce message. Hope this helps.

        Ben S.
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