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11 months ago

We used to have a direct link to check internet speed now it's not there

We used to have a direct link to check internet speed on a direct cable connection from the Support Menu/Internet, now when I go to the location on the website, it shows me 2 images that asks to download an App from Google, I'm assuming for a mobile phone WiFi connection. I scrolled further down the page and there's nothing to take me to the location on that allows me to test my connection speed on a desktop computer with an ethernet connection. What happened to that URL?

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      No, the URL took me to the same page I mentioned before. I looked for the "Run a Ookla speed test" but it's not on the page. FYI, I am using the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser.

      I'll include a screen shot.

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        Can you try with Edge? I notice you don't have the "Let's chat" option on the bottom right either. Worked with latest firefox on Windows 10. See screenshot below.

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    While I occasionally use the Cox link, I prefer to load Speedtest on my PC. It is more accurate that way than running in a browser. I normally test 3 ways: 1) Speedtest on my wife's PC which uses ethernet. 2) Testing with the Google app via my router. 3) Speedtest on my PC which is presently on WiFi. I also make a point of turning VPN off before testing. Right now I'm seeing the following: Cox - 282 mbps, Speedtest on WiFi - 356, Google direct - 560.