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4 years ago

VPN server

I have a VPN app (IPVanish) that protects the computer, phone or tablet that it is installed on. But I would like to protect all devices on my home network. My cable modem is model 6580BG. Can it be set up to act as a server? I may need to use a different VPN,


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    We called this "bulk encryption" because it encrypts all traffic.  If you want to bulk encrypt, you should get the router version of the VPN.

    However, not a lot of websites like VPN software...especially banking...and could deny your requests.  To access the banking site, you'd need to temporarily disable the VPN on the router.  It'd be easier to just temporarily disable on a specific device.

    Also, bulk encryption could slow down your personal network because even innocuous tasks...checking the weather...would have to transport across the VPN.

    Are your VPN servers overseas?