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4 years ago

Video example of my problems

Hello, been struggling for months with packet loss, for no real reason, only just discovered that this happens.

I do get packet loss during this, i've tested.

Please enlighten me, and try to help <3

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    Are you testing on a wired or wireless connection and what type of device are you using?

    Jonathan J
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      Wired connection. and this is a desktop PC running windows 10.

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        well from my experience, it looks like your upstream gets maxed out causing obs to do what it does, so what that means is either you need a better package, and you could use qos on if you have your own router, which would help, cause when u max out your upstream you will get lag and ping spikes, or packetloss. QOS caps ur upstream or downstream so you aren't maxing out your internet speeds, causing drop outs, lag, etc.