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2 years ago

very slow upload, download slower than usual, connection drops

Is anyone else experiencing very slow upload speeds in Phoenix AZ?  It started yesterday.  The problem is intermittent. Yesterday, we had a Cox tech inspect the lines on the pole in our alley. 

The connection improved.  Today I am experiencing a very similar problem. 
I work at home and the software we use requires a faster upload speed.

I pay for 500/10 and have the updated panoramic model.

I called Cox again this morning the rep saw lots of packet loss and connection problems. My connection improved shortly thereafter.  
Another tech is on the way today.  

I have been working at home for over 2 years and have never reset my modem on a regular basis.  
Cox sent me an email earlier in the week about the planned outage in my region to increase bandwidth.
I wonder if one of the reasons why Cox is now doing this service upgrade is due to similar problems experienced by many other local users.

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  • Today, a tech found an attenuator on the box attached to my house.  Yesterday, a tech working in our alley removed an old part used by Cox to prevent access to premium channel content.  Both parts were supposedly creating this problem.  Hope it is resolved.  Why would these two parts create a major issue now, while installed causing no problems for over a decade?  I've missed over 7 hours of work during the past 2 days due to this problem.

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      I feel like I'm having the exact same issues.  Only upload speeds are affected.  Not download.  I've had Cox replace cable modem and no bueno.  Not sure what's going on.  I'd leave but I can't no competition here where I live in Macon, GA.  Sad that we are both having the same exact problem and 1/2 a county apart. 

      _I_ believe the issues is QoS or traffic shaping by the ISP to handle over provisioning.  XD

      But yeah... so frustrating.  I can replicate it super easy to.  Just doing test uploads and after 3mins... the throttling happens where it goes down to 0mbs instead of the normal 10mbs upload.  So sad. :(  So frustrating.  GL to you OP!

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        I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we like to investigate. Please email my team your full name and complete address to This will allows us to check the modem signal levels. Also, include a link to this thread.

        Jonathan J
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      My connection worked for a few hours then we had more connection drops.  Level 2 tech support no direct solution.  Advised to have a senior tech come out to my house.   Scheduled as standby for today and tomorrow and an appt for tomorrow afternoon.

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        Hi Decipher,

        I'm sorry to hear of such a series of events. I realize intermittent issues can take multiple attempts to resolve. The now obsolete parts may have caused interference with the signal. It sounds like there has been more than one contributing factor. If you care to have us review matters, please email us with your full name, home address, and link to this thread. We'd be glad to check on a sooner visit and/or confirm all the necessary history is linked to your new appointment. We want to help in any way we can to best set you up for success with the next part of the process.

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  • Yes! I live near Northern & 12th Street. Ever since the power went out a couple weeks ago followed by Cox being out, my speed has been slow. Where are you located?

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      12th ST and Indian School 

      We have not experienced any recent power outages.  

      I hope the senior tech can fix this today.  This is sad.