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Upload speed not working, 32536 area code, losing job because of this

Our internet upload speed has been broken, speeds cut out and most of the time won’t reach above 1mbps. We have had the same issue for a month now and my gf has lost her job being unable to stream. It will sometimes read fine on a test but streams won’t hold and we have had multiple techs come out. Replaced modem, replaced line, tested everything. Still doesn’t work and Cox isn’t helping. They hang up calls on us constantly, the last tech shrugged their shoulders and said he did everything he could when it still wasn’t working. I’ve told multiple Cox employees it’s at the neighborhood level because our neighbors are having the same issue, and they either say they put in a ticket that ends up not existing when we call back, or they send someone out for nothing basically at this point. We are losing thousands of dollars at this point from her not being able to work and Cox has been impossible to deal with.

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    Hi @Nick10
    I know how important it is for you to have reliable upload speeds. Your issue has been escalated to our field team on 8/3 please allow 5 business days for them to investigate. We appreciate your patience.
    Ben S.
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