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4 years ago

Upload Speed Getting Worse At Certain Times?

My default upload speed is 30+ my download speed is supposed to be 300. It feels like I never get the download speed I pay for always hovering around 150-200 which to be honest isn't a big deal to me but my upload speed will sometimes fluctuate from the 30+ I am paying for all the way down to about 1 mbps. This is super annoying as I am an online streamer and video content creator and seeing my upload speed tank for literally no reason is super annoying. Streaming content is a big part of what I like to do and having my upload speed constantly doing this is not what I want. Is there anything I can do to fix this because resetting my router doesn't work ever and I'm connected via ethernet too.

The last few days it's always started to hit rock bottom suddenly around 6 PM. Thursday it started around 6 PM and lasted all the way until past 2 AM. I don't even know when it stopped because I eventually went to bed.

The internet in general is just super inconsistent. It's been really bad like this since the end of august basically. Most of early-mid august was perfect and late july was bad too and before that I had several months in a row where there was no issues at all.

I pay too much for the internet to be this inconsistent because my primary reason for having it is for streaming and uploading videos. I don't even really need the download speed I need the upload speed more than anything.

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    I took a look from this end and the modem has been reporting a history of poor transmit signal levels. I'd suggest checking connection, bypassing any cable splitters you can or testing the modem at a different cable outlet to see if any of that helps. Otherwise it may be time to see about scheduling a technician to come out and troubleshoot further.