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5 years ago

Update for South Scottsdale, Arizona 64th and Thomas Node + Others for Refunds

So after going through the executive escalation processes, I was finally informed today that the saturated node with 500+ users tied into on the corner of 64th and Thomas in Scottsdale Arizona will not be split until October this year. This is after an FCC complaint with Better Business Bureau and Arizona State Attorney's office request still pending. What does this mean for those users on this node and others in this same situation that will be given a multiple month out upgrade date?

Guaranteed continued latency issues, jitter, and packet loss until at earliest 30 April if quarantine measures are lifted. Even after quarantine measures are lifted you will experience the same issues each week from roughly 5 pm until 11 pm each day when everyone is using their service. My job is literally in jeopardy right now because I am unable to remain connected to my company VPN to work from home because the quality of service has degraded that poorly. 

I was given a 3 month credit as well as a promise to be credited free service up until the node split takes place. I encourage everyone to file the FCC complaint which will put you contact with the executive escalation team who can authorize such a large credit to your account: Financial impact if large enough could drive forward movement in action and node splits desperately needed in your neighborhood.   

At least dont continue to pay for this garbage as it might be your only option at some sort of relief from your ongoing issues.

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      Yah its getting worse every day. I would predict at this rate that the internet will not be usable by the end of this week. Current levels attached which where 6% at the start of the week from 8 am to 10 PM, now its only 9:30 am and at 30%. Cant work from home, have to talk with my org VP today about what I can and cant do for work which will likely result in something negative. 

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        Ugh that looks bad, much worse than mine

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    Replying to your thread because my thread got locked.  (Not a very helpful move by the Cox forum moderator).

    I am closer to 86th St. and Thomas so I doubt we're on the same exact node.  I do also seem to be seeing a trend where the network has been getting worse and worse over the last few days.  I'm not at the point yet where I can't connect to the internet, but I'm becoming concerned this could happen while I'm stuck working from home. 

    Do you have any reason to believe other Cox nodes in this region would be better provisioned (fewer users served per node) than yours?