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5 months ago

Unreliable service and lies!

Every time I contact cox, the reps lie to me. Our service has been unreliable for years but the past week is unbearable. They say it’s planned outages but then tell me it is unexpected. I can’t speak to anyone to get help. The automated phone system tells me it’s a network outage & nobody can help me. Then it hangs up on me. Nobody is even trying to fix the issues. Disgusting. I really hope someone starts a class action suit against cox to force them to provide reliable service since that’s what they promise.

Customer service has not helped me. I’ve tried. 

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  • Nealisa


    Hi, I'd be more than happy to help you.  Please send me an email and include your full name and address along with a link to this Forums post.  You can email me at  Thanks!

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      I’m on the phone right now with cox and they won’t help. This is every day.  How is emailing some random email going to help any more than me calling customer service every day when it’s out?

  • Nealisa


    That's the email address to our Social Media Team, we are an escalation team and we can help.



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      A planned outage just means someone in Cox started the maintenance as opposed to an outage based on people calling in or being offline. It does not mean Cox had time before hand to warn their customers like an upgrade but to be honest they rarely alert customers ahead of time for that either.

      As for the email address, it does go to the Social Media Team and is in the welcome thread. Even though they might not be able to fix the outage they might be able to tell you something about it. Point is not emailing them DEFINITELY won't help.