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5 years ago

Unknown cox email

I have a co email address that I don't own, yet is similar to other email addresses we have that is logged into my security Suite account. It come up with the password saved in it yet I am unable to see it and I can not change it. I Need someone to look to see where it came from and why I can't get rid of it. I have uninstalled McAfee off my phone and computer, Win 7. But I now have random devices listed in hidden plug and play devices that have McAfee name on them. I am unable to remove them. I no longer trust your security service and I am going out on my own to protect myself. I need this cox email removed from my account, especially since I don't have access to it

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    When using macafee free security suite it will generate a random email address (usually your user ID with some extra random numbers at the end) . This is just used for the activation of mcaffee and is not a real email address. Safe to ignore.

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      It wont let me change it. I am not comfortable trusting some made up email that by any other means according to Mcafee, is in control of managing my security. I dont know if I messed up with the install or something. But honestly, it doesn't need to be there. I have had more problems with this service than any other internet I have ever had. Going all the way back to my first pc. If anyone from Cox sees these posts, I really would like it removed.

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        if you're really concerned, dump mcafee, i did years ago.