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4 years ago

Undeliverable email messages

There is a problem with my email account. When anyone sends an email to my primary address they receive an "Undeliverable" email back to them . In fact, I am receiving their email just fine. The Undeliverable message is being generated because Cox (for some reason) appears to be trying to send a copy of the original email to an old email address that is no longer valid. At the bottom of the Undeliverable message that's what's indicated. I've been on the telephone with Cox support on 4 separate occasions. Last time the call lasted over 3 hours (lots of hold time + talked with 4 different representatives). At the end of that marathon I was assured that the problem was fixed. But it wasn't. Any suggestions? Spending hours on the phone isn't solving the problem. Thanks for any help.

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  • If the email is sending a copy to that email address, that would usually be a setting that is causing that. Make sure you do not have autoforward setup for this email address under webmail. Once signed in click the settings button at the top right (looks like a gear) and then settings. From there click Inbox on the left-hand side and then the sub menu 'Autoforward'. You may also want to make sure there are no other type of rules setup that could be forwarding the emails. This can be found in the same area, but under 'Filter Rules'

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      Thanks for your suggestion, Brain. When I look at My Profile I see that I have ONLY one email address. That's the one I use and that's the one my senders are using. I don't even see an auto-forward choice (maybe because there's no where to auto-forward to?).

      I would love to simply send an email to some Cox support person describing the problem, along with a copy of the error message that my senders are receiving. I suspect this would be an easy problem for that person to solve. But I see no where that allows me to send an email to Cox support. It's either a text chat or a phone call.  

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        That is a valid concern. Please email us at with your link to this forum.

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