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I came on here as soon as I was done on chat. I am so tired of, as it seems, Everytime I'm home from work late nights after 1am, my internet seems it always has maintenance or it's down or something. I was with att prior and switched to Cox believing I'd have top speed Internet as I pay for one of the top tier services but no I don't. My internet lags, it's so slow and when I have called they told me it's probably that I have an old TV. No I don't, streaming sux, game speed sux, and outages out the wazoo! I was told I'd get a visa gift card when I switched service for $250 and never got that either. Tonight topped the cake. I said I think I just need to switch back to att and the customer service agent said the department you need is closed but I'll give you the number to call tomorrow. Wow! Some customer appreciation. And I told her that, she then thanked me for saying that and cox strives on customer appreciation. I then burst her bubble and said I was being sarcastic. Very disappointed and not happy with cox at all.

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  • same here, when I moved to my new house cox internet and TV was up and down constantly. at night it would be fine, but during the day it would drop packets and my modem would constantly reconnect. I called cox about it about 10 times, I had people come out and test, and everyone told me it was fine or my equipment. was bad even though my equipment worked fine at my old house. so I broke down and bought a new modem. everything was still the same. I had the technicians replace cables and ends and run every test they could, but when they were here there was no problem. within an hour of them leaving the problems would return.

    I worked in IT for 22 years. I don't call COX unless the problem is out of my control. Navigating COX's phone system is a nightmare. getting someone on the phone that actually will listen, and not force you to go through all the troubleshooting steps you have already tried is near impossible. I have endured hours on hold, then suddendly being hung up on when I have not even talked to anyone. People who straight up refuse to send me to Tier II support when I ask for it. Automated systems designed to make it difficult to get a person on the phone. Automated systems that say my equipment was working fine when it was not even connected. I worked on a help desk as a tier II technician for the State of Arizona, and would have been ashamed to treat people the way I was treated.

    I downloaded software that monitored my internet connection and could provide graphs of when the problems were occuring, and no one at cox was interested. I could even tell where the problem was occuring between nodes. no one cared.

    I spent hours on the phone, and eventually gave up since cox would not take ownership of the issue. then one day a few weeks later cox announced that they would be upgrading the equipment in my neighborhood, low and behold it improved 10 fold! it still has problems but nothing like it was. 

    my recommendation is call the sales department.

    or maybe some of these people might help

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      I understand your frustration, but I'm pretty certain you and the OP were just venting.  I'm not a homer, but I think the moderator was suggesting OP contact them to establish a direct communication to facilitate troubleshooting outside a public forum. 

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    Are you connected via ethernet or wireless? Are you using the Cox pano modem, or are you using your own equipment? If so, what modem/router are you using.

    I am on the 500 mbps, and it runs amazing! If your internet isn't we can certainly try to help you if it's something to do with connectivity in the home.