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6 years ago

Unacceptable behavior

Cox browser alerts are a completely shady and disturbing distraction that betrays user trust and privacy.  Get rid of them!

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    I don't get any alerts but it's probably because I'm using Google Chrome with the following extensions:

    • WebRTC Control
    • Privacy Badger
    • uBlock Origin
      • Nano Defender
    • Canvas Defender
    • HTTPS Everywhere
    • Pop up blocker

    Most website are tracking you, force you to see ads, show content you don't want, popup alerts etc. Are you using Cox Internet Security Suite or something? Yeah, what kind of alerts are you talking about?

  • Hello,

    We value our customers trust and privacy and a Cox Browser Alert is not a phishing attempt. For more information of our browser alerts, you may check out our website for more information:

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