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4 years ago

Unable to Activate New Internet Modem

Existing modem works great, but does not have WiFi... so attempted to activate a new Internet modem with WiFi (Motorola MG7540)  - connected everything up and all channels show connected / bonded and...
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    4 years ago

    Third time was the charm! Amazing how if you get the right person on the line the service is great.

    Lucky for me when i called I got tech support agent AMBER in Houston, TX on the line and she activated the NEW modem and stayed with me through the modem's activation process to make sure once completed all worked.  The modem rebooted at least 7 times (concerning) but AMBER informed me this was expected during the activation phase... low and behold, once completed all works great... so far ;P

    A BIG thank you to Cox tech agent AMBER in Houston, TX!