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4 years ago

Unable to access email through POP & IMAP

All 3 emails linked to our account have not been able to read email through Outlook, Thunderbird, and/or Android using POP or IMAP settings. Worked for 15+ years until this passed Monday when our accounts were accidently deleted and restored. Calling in to tier 1 and tier 2 they are insisting I call Microsoft since it's "obviously their fault". 

Most of the reps seem more interested in upselling to $10 a month repair plan than helping. I have had our passwords reset multiple times, someone already took control of my computer and verified settings, and now no one knows what to do. 

Does Cox have anyone willing to help a customer without selling me something?

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    just outlook or phones + other devices accessing email?

    fwiw: you need to change login/pw-settings are the same on all devices!